Friday, March 5, 2010

All in a day's work

I went to the bank in PJ today, to obtain a bank draft for the company. ST is sick and anyway, being the admin person now, I will have to do this from now on. The lady at the counter gave me a heart attack initially, coz she told me that ST will need to sign the form since it's gonna be paid using a company cheque. After calling ST several times frantically and not having my calls answered (coz he was sleeping & resting still), the counter staff whispered to me quietly, advising me to go downstairs and forge ST's signature while she pretends she is not aware of what I am doing. You know me with anything that is illegal or against the law. Naturally I panicked until I wrote the wrong figure on the cheq, that I had to re-issue another one. Then I had to practice copying ST's signature with my shaking hand, and ended up scribbling something that looks like a kindergarten kid's writing.

After about 20 attempts and finally when I went up with what I thought was the best copy of his signature, she went into the computer system and ask me who is Yean Moo Chen. I said that's me, and you know what she said? "Oh...., Ms Yean, why didn't you tell me earlier. Actually you are also eligible to sign on the form yourself, coz you are the official 2nd signatory." What the f!@#$%#!...

Going Green for Lunch
In this current heat wave, I've decided to execute a DIY lunch menu at home, for days when I will be at home. Hence I will need to plan and go marketing on w'ends. This shld be easy since there's now a Carrefour in KK. By doing this, it will save me time, effort and petrol from driving out just for lunch in the noon heat. A simple short trip out is rather a hassle, as I need to ensure I'm out there b4 noon or after 2 pm (to avoid the lunch crowd), fight for parking (either that or park a little distance away and walk in the scorching heat) and come back feeling exhausted, like as if I just came back frm a 2 hr marathon..!! And having my lunch in the coffee shop is normally a rush for me coz I just can't wait to get out frm the heat and crowd.

So, it would seem that preparing my own lunch & having it here, in the comfort of my own home will be a more practical thing to do. It also help saves the environment by using less petrol and it's healthy..!! Hmm... gotta figure out what menu to have.

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