Friday, March 19, 2010

Confession of the day

I've been very bad today, I haven't been productive at all, well, for 1/2 a day.

I went out to UPM this morning to deliver materials and to meet up with Zulaika. After that, I met up with Ching Mei for lunch at Sunway Pyramid and then went back and did my own manicure. Got my nails painted, played with the fur balls, and then took a nap.

This evening, I've been on the Bejewel the whole night. Haven't really done much on the reading that I am supposed to be doing. No reading means no prospecting next week, coz I haven't identified the appropriate case studies to apply to the selected batch of prospects.

Guilty like hell...

Need to get this discipline thing sorted out. It's just yesterday and today, that my discipline seemed to hv faltered. Too much temptations and distractions!!

Anyway, I am going to hit the sack by 11 pm tonight. I promise, so therefore, I'm signing off now, for tonight.

Oh, shoot..!!! I still have to select the lunch and coffee break menu for ST's training in Bangkok first.. !@#$%#@!

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