Sunday, March 7, 2010

Too good to be true?

No one ever told me that cooking a meal at home could be more expensive than having a simple lunch outside. The amount of food that I bought today, not that much and not all are entirely healthy, yet, the amount I spent came up to quite a fair bit. It's rather difficult when I have a husband who has his own suggestions of, "You want sandwich? Here buy a can of tuna, cheap and good and fast too." I don't think he knows what I actually meant when I said healthy food.

Of course, I also have friends who tells me that, it's cheaper nowadays to eat out, especially if you are cooking for just a person or two. Even ST says that. How could eating outside be healthier than cooking your own, and yes, definitely it won't be cheap if you are particular abt the quality of food that you prepare and consume at home.

Hmmm..... has society made it so hard for families to come up with healthy food at home nowadays..? I guess I have to give it some time before I am qualified to comment on that.

Meantime, I will continue to stick to my plan for the time being, and hope that I won't get de-motivated, having a husband who always prefer to eat out.

I have not had fruits for like 2 weeks, due to my cough. I need FRUITS........!!!

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