Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sa bai di rue

This morning I've been busy downloading ref material (presented in the HKG sales conference) from our principal's resource site in their website. One beautiful thing about working with such established company is that, they provide us with plenty of useful market information (prod info, competition info, latest news), case studies, e-marketing materials, tips, etc, etc, all downloadable from their resource site. There are so much info in there, one can go crazy.

ST only gave me the access to our distributor log-in on Tuesday night. What a whole load of stuffs to read up on.

I've decided to bring my swimsuit and track attires to Bangkok. In case the political situation gets worse, I intend to make full use of the hotel's facilities. Would love to visit the grand palace and 2 of their grandest temples though, and not forgetting the most famed river market and their water ways.

Feel like eating instant noodle tonight. It's been such a loooooong time since I had that, and the first that comes to mind is the Pa Ma Tomyam. I have plenty of eggs and vegies in the fridge, so what am I waiting for?

Sa bai di rue - means "How are you?" in Thai.

Just finished 2 packets of the Pa Ma Tomyam frm Thailand. I think I can breathe fire from my mouth.. "fire! fire!" In fact, it's so spicy, I think I am about to black out soon..

Had a great time reminiscing over my 1st Europe trip with a course mate and her best friend.

Ok, this is Moon signing off for the day, because it's already 10.30 pm... !#@$%?#!

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