Friday, March 26, 2010

Running out of gas, help!

This is my 3rd week into home cooking for lunch for the purpose of going green, and... I'm running out of ideas on what to cook. Yeah, I have loads of recipe books and tons of ideas which I can get online, but it's a juggle trying to decide on something that I am capable of cooking, with the right size/portion for 1 person, with the right price (not too expensive, otherwise it's not worth cooking at home), plus also to ensure that all leftovers are not wasted, means it must be used within a period of time. When you cook only for 1 person, you tend to have loads of leftovers, which you need to figure out how to use them up. Last but not least, I have to also ensure it's healthy!

Wow! Lots of criterias. Maybe I should just eat out for lunch the whole of next week. But I did promise myself that no matter what, there must be a day or two which I need to eat healthy at home. And the safest to do that would be to prepare sandwich. Hmmm....

Been trying to access bejewel since Monday, but there seems to be a problem accessing it till now. Hmmmm... is it just me or everyone else? But then, good in a way that, I don't get addicted, hence, my schedule don't get affected.. :-D

Since I've fulfilled my 3x p'wk quota of treadmill session, I thought I should try to pick-up bits and pieces of the yoga which I've learned over the many years, at home. So today, after having postponed several rounds, I started it off easy, by doing the downward dog pose as warm up, followed by the 12 steps of sun salutation. The initial 1 min was hell doing the downward dog, since I've not done it for so long. My elbows were shaking, I couldn't flatten my feet on the floor, I wasn't able to straighten my spine as how it should be. It was rather awkward. The sun salutation was even worse. I hv to keep referring to the book, as I've forgotten the 12 steps, while trying to ensure the pose is done right for each steps. Having said that, I didn't even manage to do any breathing co-ordination. That will probably have to come in after a few more rounds of practice.

I only managed to do 4 sets, yet I was sweating profusely. After having completed only 4 sets, I decided to go back to downward dog pose for 2 minutes. This time, it was much easier, but I still need to work on the proper pose. Not bad for a start, at least it was a start.

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