Monday, March 22, 2010

Different folks, different strokes

Tried a different tactic today.

Got up at 7.30 am, started working at 8 am. Decided to maximize the cool environment in the morning, since i know that I will not be productive in the afternoon heat. So far, so good! Had a very productive day.

Missed my The Backyardigans at 9.30 am though.. :-(

Didn't go to FRIM yesterday morning, as it was pouring and ST, having done his 30 laps after a long absence frm the pool, felt his muscles aching. Not only him, me also.

Going up on the treadmill at 5.30 pm..

In my quest to take up blogging and to maintain the interest, yesterday, I managed to add the Earth Hour logo into my blog. Not only that, all this while, I've been wondering why are there arrows at the top of each of my blog entries, and it gets too close to the date and time, that it blocks the info. Out of curiosity, I just type the question in help. Someone posted that same question and someone else was kind enough to help by providing the step by step in rectifying it. And waalaaaaa.............!!! It's done! Though I am still not sure why the arrows are there, but it's very much better now, tq!

I tried to find the answer to why the arrows are there, but can't seem to get it. Wonder if I could get rid of it.

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