Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tallest sandwich

I made the tallest and healthiest sandwich today for lunch! It was so tall, I had so much difficulty eating it, stuffs were falling out frm all sides, rather messy. But it was delicous...!!!

I guess I got a bit greedy, wanting to put so much stuffs in it. I made hard boiled egg, put it on the table to cool down b4 I peel. Turned around to put butter on bread, by the time i turned back, the egg had rolled off the table and fell to the floor. Luckily it's hard boiled egg, so apart frm the broken shell, inside was still alright. Rather kelam kabut, I would say. That's why also forgot to take a pix of my prize before I swallowed it.. :-D

Now I hv got soooo much vegies in the fridge, and there a 1/2 can of tuna left. Not sure what I am gonn do with them. Been eating raw vegies the whole afternoon, and still a lot more left. Lesson no. 1 - Don't think I should purchase the vegies frm Carrefour, coz they come in quite a big pack. Would prefer to buy them frm the individual vegie mkt in KK, at least can buy just 1 cucumber instead of a pack of 3 (the min that I managed to find). But then by buying from Carrefour, we tend to eat more vegies, just to finish them up, which is good. Hmm...

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