Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's cooking?

Decided to eat home for lunch and dinner today. Made ABC soup. Put in potato, carrot, tomato and onions with chicken. To go with rice. Been boiling and simmering in the pot for 2 hrs, yuuumm...!!! The white pepper was a bit too heavy tho, maybe it's becoz I smashed it a bit before throwing it into the pot. Need to go easy on that the next time.

Missed my The Backyardigans again this morning.. :-(

Did my 3rd session of treadmill, yay!

It's the month of "Qing Ming" (in Mandarin) or "Cheng Beng" (in Hokkien) again. It's All Souls Day and it's where the Chinese pray to their ancestors, mostly at the graveyard or at the temple where their bone is kept, to remember the departed love ones. We will be going to pray this Sunday. Braving up for the jam, the crowd, the heat and the smoke at the temple.

We have to pray at 3 different places each year. 1st in the list is in Kajang, where dad is buried. Then we join our uncles and aunts and adjourn to Nirvana Memorial Park, to pray to our grandparents. After which, we split ways. We will be heading back to Cheras where my mom's bone is kept. Needless to say, Nirvana Memorial Park is the place we look forward to most of all, as it's beautiful and our relatives will come with plenty of food (some of those which we could hardly find in town coz they are home made with best quality stuffs).

Why am I not praying at my husband's side? Well, that's becoz hubby's family tradition is, whenever someone leaves us, they request to be cremated (burnt) and their ashes to be thrown into the sea. So there's nothing and nowhere to pray during "Qing Ming". But ST does make it a point to go home and spend time with his parents, on the w'end where I follow my brothers to pray. Spending time with my brothers and their families on such occasion is a fun time to me in a way, like going for picnic the whole day.. :-D

Why is dad and mom's burial places different? Uh... long story.

Gonna be having "teh tarik" with 2nd brother this afternoon @ 4 pm in KK.. :-D

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