Friday, March 12, 2010

Waaa laaa...

My lunch - spaghetti bolognese. Not exactly my 1st time doing it, but the few times which I did b4 was like years back. Verdict? Since I made it, it has to be nice! Added extra chopped carrot and chopped black pepper sausages. Forgot to buy parmesan cheese though.

Exercise up-date : Weekly quota checked!

Was having my coffee at Bread Basket Bakery this afternoon, while I pored over some reports which ST gave me to read up on. The owner threw in a piece of complimentary choc cake for me, despite me saying I am on diet. She said, don't expect it to be an everyday offer, it's only a once a month thingy, so don't hv to worry abt the weight. Hmm.....

School holiday next week, yay...!!! Nieces bugging me when they can come over to bunk-in. Gotta clear up the guest room. They want to go and watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thieves, which ST has said that he refused to go and watch. Good, then I can watch it with the 3 rascals.

Oh shoot, it's already mid night. Am I gonna have to count the sheeps and the stars again tonight? Ciao!

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