Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Short hairstyle for the hot season

It is in this extreme heat, that I really and truly wish I have the shortest hair possible, becoz anything other than that will only get me hot tempered and impatient.

Was looking around for chic looking "chin length bob" hairstyle that I dream to have. And found this pix which I kept in 2008 of Katie Holmes. She looks gorgeous and stylish in it, but of course, it's not easy to maintain short hair. You gotta keep going back to the hair dresser frequently to keep it in shape. And I hate going to the hairdresser, coz I feel that a person waste so much time in there. Anyway, luv this hairstyle..!!

I do remember e-mailing this pix to my hair stylist at that time and telling him "excitedly" that I want to have this. He did as I ask, but somehow, it didn't look exactly like that, but it was nice in it's way. Poor Patrick, always having to put up with my demands of all sorts, yet I am too lazy to do anything to maintain it. No patience for such things.. :-D

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