Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Work hard and play hard

April is almost coming to an end. The next 2 months are gonna fly even faster, as they're gonna be busy months for us.

MetalTech 2010 Exhibition (5th - 9th May, 2010 in PWTC)
In case you haven't noticed, it's 5 full days, mind you!

World Cup, woooohoooooo...!!!!
And in case you haven't noticed still, it's one FULL month.. :-D

I can feel the world cup fever building up!

Thinking Aloud
iPhone, iPhone, iPhone... the hottest topic in town nowadays. My cousin sis just got herself one. Should I or should I not? Why do I need one for? I got myself a HTC and till now, apart from using it as a phone and camera, I don't really use any of it's other features. At one point of time, I didn't even know if it had WiFi feature!! But then again, it's so chic and has lots of application which we can fiddle around with. To get or not to get?

Was at the Cold Storage in Bangsar Shopping Complex on Monday night. I was oh... so overwhelmed with the variety of cheese there. Oh, if you're a cheese lover, try this one. BabyBell. Something like that, love it! And the old amsterdam cheese is also lovely and heavenly. Must try!

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