Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's in and what's out

Whenever I need to purchase an electronic or tech gadget, without fail, I will always check my facts at CNET Asia. Here, you get plentiful of reviews and ratings provided by users themselves and the editor too. The tech products reviewed here includes mobile phones, digicams, notebooks, PC and peripherals, printers, home AV, music and play and softwares. Just type in the gadgets (by brand, by budget, by type or operating system) which you are researching on, and the answer will be there in seconds.

The site was recommended to me by my friend Clement. Extremely useful.. :-D

Trust me, you get neutral reviews here which is crucial to help you make your decisions. Have fun! Oh, and feel free to leave a note here, if you know of other avenues where we can do the same.

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