Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coffee Talk

Had an appointment with Nissan Car Service in PJ at 10 am this morning. Was running a bit late, so I was kind of like rushing out, to get to the Federal Highway. On the Kesas Highway, at the turning into Subang, there was an un-usually long queue of cars, so I waited patiently from way back.

About 100 m before turning left, suddenly a car came from my right and, quick as lightning, cut into my path as i was about to move forward. Obviously by doing that, he didn't have to queue from way back like all of us did, and the shocking action had me jamming into my foot brake to avoid hitting him.

At the spur of that moment, with my heart thumping like at 150 km p'hr, I was ready to cite my "poems" at that guy. All the pleasantries were at the tip of my tongue, when suddenly, he stuck his hand out of the window, and made an apology. And it was quite a long one, mind you. Aaaawwh....... that was nice! What a lovely morning it is!

Don't you just love Tuesdays...?

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