Monday, April 26, 2010

Dreaming aloud

Monday.... yaaawwwnnnn..........!!!

Dreaming of last night's roasted chicken and seafood risotto at Italiannies, yuuumm....!!!

The engine is taking a bit of time to start-up and warm-up. Didn't sleep well last night, and it was an effort to get up this morning. Was at my lappie only at 9.30 am, and since then, I've been staring at the screen, dreaming of something else.. ;-)

Seems like when I don't wake up at my regular hour of 7.30 am or latest 8 am, my schedule goes haywire. Nothing seems to be moving along..

Took in the mail from mail box. I think I'll start preparing my lunch sandwich, go out early and grab my cup of coffee fix, stopped by the book shop to get some files (need to start a brand new file for my income tax), then get back and start doing some work. Oh, almost forgot, gotta get a new flourescent light for the bathroom too.

Better check out principle's website to get in touch with latest news.

The FB is so darn slow today, even a snail can go faster than it, geeeeezzz...........

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