Sunday, April 18, 2010

Income tax = Nightmare!

I promise that I will submit my income tax way before the deadline this year. Hmmm... that means I have to submit by 24th April, 2010 ah..? 24th is this coming Saturday wo..

Wah lau eh, that means I have this week to search for and compile all the receipts for donations, book purchases, insurance, etc already la, so that I can start filling in by this Friday.

Yikes...!! This week is gonna be a stressful week for me, stay away!


  1. stress is ok, tp jgn bunuh diri sudah lo..hehehe..


  2. bunuh diri, tak berani sampai gitu. cuma akan gi makan, and makan and makan sampai entah jadi apa nanti, just becoz need to submit income tax punya pasal, he..he..


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