Monday, April 12, 2010

Curi ayam in Kluang Town

ST had a meeting in Tangkak and Batu Pahat, both in JB today and asked that I accompany him there as one of the potential customer, couldn't speak English well and only speak Mandarin. I wouldn't say that my Mandarin is that terror, but I guess it's better than his coz the only word that he can utter is "ni hao" and "xie xie".. ;-)

After our meeting in Tangkak, we drove to Batu Pahat. I never knew Batu Pahat has a giant shopping complex called Batu Pahat Mall. And believe me, it's huge for a small town. We had lunch there at the Chicken Rice Shop, before we met up with our 2nd customer. Meeting ended around 3.15 pm, and since we were quite near to Kluang, ST suggested that we drop by Kluang, a hometown of my friend Christine whom we have heard so much about. Neither of us have been there.

Anyway, I would normally need my coffee fix in the afternoon, so what better place to check out than the famous Kluang Train Station Coffee, right? So there we went. And to my utter surprise, we found that Kluang is quite a big town and like Batu Pahat, they too have their own giant shopping complex called the Kluang Parade. And ST, being the mall rat that he is, insisted that we go in and check out the place. Cool!

The train station is located on a slightly higher ground than the rest, and the shop lots in front of it has some hills as the back drop, which reminded me a bit of the place called Lake Como in Italy which I went to in year 2003. A tiny slight resemblance, but for that, I kind of like Kluang. Certain parts reminded us of Ipoh.

Pardon the messines, still not that familiar with this yet. And don't ask me why some words are in black and some are in white. I wonder too. Will try to clean up a bit later.. :-D

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