Friday, April 23, 2010

Tax time stress

Found and compiled all the receipts for income tax purposes by night.

Tried filling in the e-filing, to familiarize myself and to do as much as possible by phase, so that it won't be so taxing for me this Friday. At the end of the page, as my heart was thumping hard and fast, I paused slightly... before hitting the Tax Summary button. And the result...... I don't know what it means, it's so confusing. I'm not sure if I owe them RM 3k or they owe me RM 3 (whichever it is, this is not possible), but then, whatever is the outcome, the figure is scaring the day lights out of me.....!!!

Usually I'm only required to pay about RM 400 after submission, but last year was a killer. I had to pay RM 1k, and when I saw the figure, I just freaked out, and I only went on to submit the form 1 1/2 months after the deadline, coz I refused to believe that I had to pay so much.

Geeez............. this income tax thing is really not good for my health and my mind. Need to run out for an ice-cream...!!!

I took a number in the Income Tax Dept in Shah Alam and waited nervously for my number to be called & expecting the worst. I needed to get this sorted out before I go bongkus. When my no was called out, I sat in front of the staff, briefed him of the result and asked for clarification. He calmly rubbed his forehead, shook his head, asked me to key-in my access, got into the file, checked and double confirm with me on the figures, and when he came to the end of the page, told me, "Miss, you have paid RM 500 in excess, so this year you don't have to pay anymore upon submission."

I blinked, and I blinked, and I blinked. I asked him 3 times, the same question, and he said, "Yes Miss, this year you don't have to pay." I grabbed my scribbled paper from him as fast as I could and ran out, feeling at the top of the world! I must have looked comical at that time, coz the guy was looking at me funnily.

This weekend, I'm going shopping!


  1. Lol! What a joy not to have to pay any extras for Income Tax! Thank goodness I get a refund of RM200++ myself. But last year, I had to pay an additional of RM200++. Go figure ...


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