Thursday, April 8, 2010

Greetings from the Kingdom of Thailand!

Bangkok, the land of smiles!

First thing that hit me when we first arrive - the extreme heat! To give you an idea of what I meant, I was bargaining at a roadside stall, practically with sweat dripping down my face and neck. After the stall owner quoted me the price, I had to tell him to give me 5 mins so that I could walk aside, to get my face towel from my bag (that I borrowed from the hotel - it's a white hand towel) to wipe my sweat. The same happened when I was trying to have lunch, sweat was dripping down my face, and if you ask me now, I can't really recall what exactly I was eating. I just shoved whatever is on the plate into my mouth and half way through it, I decided I needed to get out and get back to the hotel.

Thank god my cousin sis brought along her lappie, otherwise, this will have to wait till I get back.

I went to Pat Pong this evening, you know, the place where it's like our Petaling Street plus the go-go bars. This is my first time going into a go-go bar, seeing a group of ladies dancing at the pole on the counter top in their fancy bra and panty. My comment - hmmm.... interesting.

The Prime Minister of Thailand declared a state of emergency in and around Bangkok yesterday, after the protesters managed to climb their way into the Parliament. Despite that, and a few major shopping complexes, areas and roads being closed, everything else was business as usual. ST and the Stratasys team went about their training in the hotel, like nothing happened. I was walking around and exploring the hotel area in the day time alone. Some of the participants has seen the protesters on their way to the hotel from airport but other than that, it's not too bad. But what a time to be in Bangkok! Songkran festival (the water festival starts this Saturday).

Uh, that's all for now, someone just came into my cousin's room. We are gonna yak the night away, coz they are leaving tmrw morning.

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