Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tree house - my child hood fantasy

Whenever I go back to Penang with hubby, I will insist every now and then that we drive past a road nearby my in-law's house. Reason being, there's a tree house in the garden of a corner single story home there, which I love to see.

I remember when I was young, I've always dreamt of having a tree house of my own, situated in a huge garden of a bungalow (dreaming mah, anything goes, right?). The tree house came about after having read those Secret Seven story books by Enid Blyton, about a fictional group of child detectives, who are always going somewhere for holiday during school breaks (is this the group or is that another group, can't remember, read too many already) and getting themselves embroiled in adventures.

In this tree house, only members are allowed in and they are required to provide their secret password like ("ayam naik kapal") or something like that, he..he.. You know, something that no one can think of, and the password itself takes like weeks to be selected by the committee.

Anyway, back to the tree house story. I was just googling it over the w'end and found some fabulous pix of elaborate tree houses, created by people who really take their fantasies to the real world. So far, the above is my favorite, though the kind of tree house that I've always had in mind is a small hut on top of a complicated and shady tree, but I've yet to see one like that.

You can check out more pix here. Some are really cool!

And since we couldn't have any tree house in my younger days (that's for sure), guess where we imagined our tree house to be? It changes location based on our mood and availability. It could be my best friend's room, my mom's room, the mini porch (anjung) in front of our house which is also below my mom's room window, under the big tree beside our house, etc.

Wah lau eh, it's already 8.35 pm, I've finished blogging, but the cleaners are still not done. And my tummy is growling. A hungry person is an angry person... grrrr....

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