Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stories from my day

I was kind of like on my way out of the house this morning, when i caught a glimpse of my mail box. It's full to the brim, all the letters & mags pushed in by force as it's already full and I could feel them beckoning at me that it's time to empty it. So I decided to clear it up (since it's been like 2 wks late, coz I promise to go thru the mail box every Monday morning).

In the pile was a letter from the income tax dept (I shrink and my hand froze having seen the logo on the envelope). Yikes..! They must have done all their reconciliation after my many rounds of complain. The last that I knew, they claim that I owe them more than RM 5k, over 8 years. I would have to work part time at night on weekdays and tell ST to entertain himself on week ends too if I have to pay that amount. When I finally saw the figure stated on the letter, I heave a sigh of relieve! It has been reduced tremendously, so now I can sleep in peace.. :-D

But I still have to pay up the amount due. Tmrw morning, I'm on "holiday" being my big day. But I'll go to the income tax dept to settle the amount, for good, and then bid them good riddance.

Bangkok - the way I see it
One thing that I love about Bangkok is that wherever you go, you see a hint of their culture, believe and religion everywhere you look. Whether it's at the airport, on the street, in a shopping complex, in their architecture, clothes, etc, etc. In this modern day and era, you can hardly see this sort of stuffs in most nations, especially in the major metropolitan cities. You know that those are not put up or put on just for show, as it can be felt in certain cities which seem to have lost it's touch with their own culture, if not slowly losing it.

Pix was taken on one of the street in Bangkok, a statue of an elephant.

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