Thursday, December 2, 2010

Close encounter w Bumblebee @ KL International Motor Show

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I was at PWTC yesterday afternoon, supervising the moving-in of our demo machine into the hall for the KL International Motor Show 2010.

I was walking around the hall looking for the loading area, when I stumbled upon this huge fella, quietly standing there, towering over me and everything else. I believe my mouth must have dropped open for a full minute, while I stood there, stunned and speechless. 

It was very much later, I got my Technical Engineer to capture a pix of me with his iPhone4.

I've heard the buzz about Bumblebee being there but I was thinking the hall is so huge and so many of them, it would not be easy to get a glimpse of it. Anyway, I was only supposed to be there yesterday, as I won't be on duty during the entire show. So it was a true bonus for me to have met the guy this way, with only a handful of people in the hall.

I could choose whatever angle I wish, to take his pix, and I could take as many times as I wanted.

I had a heart to heart talk with him too actually, telling him that I would like to see him turn into a car and take me for a ride, since he was so free, but, but, he didn't seem to understand what I was saying coz he didn't move at all.. -__-

Heard from ST that anyone who wishes to take pix with this guy will have to pay RM 10 during the exhibition. Boy, aren't I lucky...?

We tried looking for the Bat mobile which they claim, will make an appearance too, but we couldn't seem to locate it. I guess it was probably "under cover" or not time yet for it to show up.. ;-)


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