Monday, December 13, 2010

Should have just let the sleeping dog lie

What a day, or rather, what awful few days. First it was the cancellation of Maldives.

Then earlier this evening, when we were on the way back from dinner, we saw our furball Sakai chasing after one of his enemy (another cat) at the end of our row of house. ST asked me to go down and see if I should get him home. Sakai was not in a good mood obviously, but after a while he seemed to have cooled down. So I carried him and starting scolding him.

I guess that was a wrong move, because all of a sudden, he turned around, bit and kicked my hand. It was painful beyond description. My hand went numb immediately after he released it. It looked rather serious at first, so ST insisted that he take me to the doc.

I got a jab (that was rather painful), a wash (almost in gritting pain) and then some application of the yellow looking medicine. Also took home a whole pack of antibiotics, painkiller and some cream. 

It's now swollen like a pork's leg (chue geok) coz I have sensitive skin and darn painful.. :((

Here's how it looks...


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