Thursday, December 16, 2010

My new year resolutions? What’s that..?!?!

Less than 3 weeks to 2011, have you made your new year resolutions?

If you haven’t, then perhaps this is a wake up-call. If you’re one of those that gave up doing new year resolutions because you never achieve any of them anyway, perhaps it’s because you have too many in the list, you got lost. Either that or they are just too far fetch.

Try keeping it to three or four. This will ensure you have ample time to execute them and in case item no. 1 or 2 doesn’t really work out, at least you have one to two more others to target on.

If the list has something that will push you all the way and beyond, you just need one or two. If the list has something that is rather easy and mundane like, drink more water, phone mom, etc, etc, then you can have up to 8 or more.

Once you have drawn up the list, divide it into a monthly, weekly & daily task so that it becomes a regiment. This will get you to start incorporating the habit after a while, and by end of the year, it’s no longer a “to-do thing”.

When I did mine at every year end, I would ensure that the list covers different areas such as shown below “as example”. This was one of mine many years back.

Take part in charity
Participate in 2 charities
Initiate family gatherings
Once every 2 weeks
I will read at least 5 books (any books including story books)
Self improvement/self growth
5 books a year
I will start a journal (writing diary)
To start latest by end Feb
Take up part time lecturing
Earn extra income & gain new experience
Latest to start by end April

Always ensure one of the items is something that really pushes you beyond your normal comfort zone.

Now, before you begin, first things first. You need to do some reflection and evaluation of your 2010 achievement and know what needs further improvement. The new year resolutions will ensure you are anchored to what needs to be done, in the midst of your busy schedule.

Before you can change your behavior, we need to change our mind. And before we can change our mind, we need to be aware of the need for change. Awareness of problems leads to a desire for change and is the first step

Why do we need new year resolutions?
It is my believe that everyone is born with their fate already in a draft. However, it is still up to you whether you wish to just follow and take the road drafted for you, or you can choose to improve it the way you see fit or let it worsen. The likelihood of improving it is greatly enhanced for those of us who make a plan.

To succeed however, we must remember that resolution implies remaining resolute, steadfast, unswerving and unbending in our determination.

Remember, no pain no gain. Do not be afraid of pain. The more you experience, the more you will delight in your accomplishment.


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