Sunday, December 19, 2010

Five facts about me

1) I love pencils and color pencils. They’re such timeless, old fashion and sentimental item, especially in this IT & high tech lifestyle era (those wooden pencils without erasers type).

2) I don’t drink any alcohol or liquor. I used to drink only on occasion where I had to go on stage for speeches.

3) I'm a very forgetful person. In fact, I think I have a 5 sec memory retention capacity. After 5 sec, I forget what I’ve just said or what I’ve just written in my blog. 
People say it comes with age, but I don’t think so. Anyway, what was I saying….?

4) Things that happens to others, don’t happen to me. Things that doesn’t happen to others, happens to me ALL the time.

5) I am totally hopeless in lying. I’d rather go and jump into the sea than to tell a lie.. +__+


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