Saturday, December 4, 2010

5 creative ideas on sharing and caring this holiday season

Holiday season is a time of giving and sharing. 

There are many ways of doing this, instead of buying and shopping, which in this era, does seem to be getting a bit commercialized and out of hand.

To ensure we maintain the true spirit of giving and sharing and to also ensure we help protect mother earth (shopping only create more wastage, increase fuel consumption & unnecessary spending), here are 5 tips on what you can do, which also saves money!

5 Creative Tips
1) The warmth of a homemade gift. It’s more meaningful & personal this way, especially if you involve your family in the process

a) Knit a cap/toy/mug warmer/sweater/scarf

Click here for more pictures of those lovely knitted mug warmers

b) Make a hankie 
I feel that a hankie makes such sentimental and elegant gifts, don’t you think so? Especially if you sew their “nick name or initials” on it. I love them..! Reminds me of school days. Using handkerchief saves paper too!

c) Bake cakes/cookies/pies/bread and give as gifts
I would love to receive this kind of gifts in this modern time, it shows how much care and love is put into the making of that gift itself.

  d) Give a potted plant & help green the earth

e) Make photo album with recent pix of get-together, create a scrap book, etc. Need more ideas? Ask your kids!
f) Make greeting cards, book mark, diaries, candle holder, table coaster, table runner, etc.. Learn to be creative again..!

                                         Hand painted wooden lamp

Hand made book mark

Picture taken from here

2) Go caroling or help string up a neighbor’s Christmas tree (it doesn’t matter if I’m not a Christian, it’s about doing things together and helping each other like the good old days).

3) Catch up with old friends/relatives, do a get-together and learn to cook/bake something together like Christmas pudding, special muffins/cup cake for the festive season, etc

4) Spend time with loved ones, doing something more meaningful & active like camping, spending time at the beach, holidaying at a local destination, etc..

5) Volunteer as a family at a homeless shelter - If your charitable giving for 2010 isn't already wrapped up. After all, isn't this supposed to be what true sharing mean?

In this blog, I am talking about giving and sharing our time and company with our loved ones and also with those less fortunate than us.


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