Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking back at the crazy things we did

During one of our Uni's semester break, all 7 of us (the gang of 7) took off to Fen Nee's hometown, and went exploring Ipoh, it's caves, waterfalls, town, food, etc. One of the best time that I had. Imagine all 7 squeezed into a car.

                   Someone said this pix look like a DKNY advertisement.. :-D

Gunung Jerai (below), with my Mass Comm course mates. Love this shot and the one below, because it was so spontaneous & natural.

This was taken at M/V The Empress, when I was working in Empress Cruise Lines S/B. We were all trying to throw Capt Joachim into the pool during one of our company dinner onboard. Trust me, it wasn't an easy thing to do, that was a smart guy.

Finally...! See the the joy in all our faces..? Can't describe the feeling.. :))

Disco time at night at the Barracuda Disco with our ship's crews.

I can't recall why I was onboard the cruise ship on one Halloween night, but the crews decided to get creative. We found a pack of garbage bag, and everyone got creative, designing their own halloween costume. Mine was designed by Winston since I'm not an expert in that. See the one standing at the back with the head dress? That's me!

During one of those school holidays themed promotion, we were in Penang. I was totally stressed out, so I decided to join the Party Organizers (our activities crew onboard) and put on the clown suit. Had a FABULOUS time that day, pulling tricks on passengers and getting away with it scott free (is this how it's spelled - scott?). One of the best time I had in my working life. I'm the 3rd from the left.

This was taken during my Upper Six in Sri Aman school. It's Orientation Week. As seniors, we were allowed to do whatever we want on the faces of the lower sixes (the juniors). We had fun torturing them, but hey, they look like they enjoyed themselves too..!

I can't recall what game we were playing, but it's obvious, it has something to do with balloon throwing. Those balloons were filled with water. 

Look at the scheming faces of each of us, I find it so comical. I would certainly like to compliment the photographer who captured this moment, and I am most grateful that I seem to have a copy of this. That's me (2nd from left).

I would also love to get in touch with everyone that is seen in this picture too. Not all uses FB like some of us do, otherwise it will be very much easier.

This was taken in our Form 6 too, see how "sakai" we were. Must have been the exam stress. Yeah, blame it on that..

This one was at Club Med, Cherating. Born in the year of the monkey, I had to try my hand at the trapeze. 

My best friend Mooi was hanging on to the side for dear life, while my feet was wobbly, my hand sweaty & my heart pumping so hard at that time, I felt really dizzy. 

Not so much because of the height, more because of the "shirt-less hunk" who was strapping me up and giving me instructions.. :)))

Since I wasn't paying attention to what the hunk was saying, needless to say, I grabbed the handle, and swung down in all directions.... 


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