Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It’s all over

The dog that I mentioned earlier in my blog (titled Thinking Aloud) dated March 18, 2010 has finally died, I just found out. Was browsing through Jojo Struy’s blog (titled My Video On Animal Cruelty from The Star Online), when I came across the story of the same dog. The story that pained me beyond words. Somehow, when I read about the dog’s death, a sense of calm came over me. Maybe it’s becoz I’m so relief that the dog is no longer suffering and MOST important of all, will no longer be subjected to such cruelty.

As quoted by Jojo, “Animal cruelty across the board is a serious matter because it’s a reflection of people, not animals.”

Thank you very much, Jojo for taking up the cause of this KTM dog and for highlighting it in the newspaper for public awareness.

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