Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekend of feasting & exploring (P3)

On the same Saturday afternoon which we went to Edelweiss Cafe, on the way to the cafe, we walked past by 2 old Chinese temples. I couldn't post up the pix of 1st temple coz it keeps tilting to one side. Had to abandon that.

   (Click on pix for a much clearer view of the beautiful internal carvings)

The one above is called Hock Teik Cheng Sim Temple. Beautiful carvings and architecture.

#2 - Up-stairs


#4 - On Sunday morning, after all the feasting on Penang food, I decided to go and hike up Penang Hill. It's no child's play, mind you.


               (This is a beautiful pix, click on it for a clearer view)


#7 - The start of the hike up the hill.




#11 - Breathtaking view, and we didn't even hike up all the way to the top. We just reached 2/3 of it and started heading downwards.

#12 - Heading down via the tar road. Extremely steep, at some point, we had to walk down backward, so as not to strain our feet & muscle.

On Sunday, while driving home, we stopped by Auto City on the mainland for my coffee fix. Love going in there, as the place look so European.

If you happen to be driving up to Penang, do drop by and check out the place. It can be accessed both way, ie. when you're about to reach Penang tol, you will pass by this place. It caters to all the industrial businesses surrounding the area. You can find Japanese food and Korean too.

All the coffee joint that I love could be found there. Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Segafredo, Winter Warmer, etc, etc.

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