Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend of feasting & exploring (P2)

On Saturday afternoon, we drove out to town happily, to run errands for my in-laws. As usual, being afternoon, I needed my coffee fix before anything starts. We checked out a place that serves "rosti" (in Switzerland, it means potato cooked in their own unique way). ST came across this place called Edelweiss Cafe in Armenian Street, sometime back when he was reading a magazine, and wanted to check out the place.

#2 - The entire main section (this pix #2 is taken from their website)

# 3 - The Bar

#4 - Main area at the front

#5 - A center piece in the main area. Love this old giant clock.

#6 - A second section in the middle, that looks like a typical Baba Nyonya courtyard. But it has been highlighted by a friend before, that this center courtyard thingy is an influence from Holland.

#7 - Love this old single piece

#8 - Walkway to the toilet

#9 - At the end of the walkway to the toilet

#10 - To the left is the way to the toilet

#11 - But I was more curious about the guy sitting up on the cupboard, fishing in the toilet bowl.. ;-)

#12 - What the guy is saying, is stated on the plate below. 

If you look closely at pix # 10, there is a toilet rope hanging down from his right hand. That's the string that he asked us to pull. It seems something will happen if you pull it. Unfortunately, I didn't, but my cousin sis did but she refused to tell me what it is..  +____+

We tried their coffee and Edelweiss specialty dessert. Sorry, I was so excited about the food that I forgot to take pix of that 2. The coffee is good, the dessert is nothing great and very expensive. Can skip that actually.

Will try out their "rosti" in our next visit.

More to come in Part III...

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