Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

Don’t ask me what’s that kangaroo doing up there. That’s the best which I could find, which is downloadable for FREE from the net (I think.. ). And it's not funny, ok. I was having a hard time trying to think of how to overcome this problem. And sometimes I get so confused with what royalty free pictures means and all that jazz. I know for a fact that it’s illegal to download pictures from the internet to be used on our blog, or is it? I started out blogging just to try and to test it out, I never thought that I would still be blogging after 4 ½ months. Initially I just took whatever pix that I fancied in the net and up-loaded them into my blog. I thought probably after a few weeks, or maybe a few months, my interest in blogging would eventually fade off. Mana tau....

Knowing me, I don’t do illegal stuffs mah… at the back of my mind, I seem to have this "bugs bunny" looking at me sideway (dis-approvingly) each time I do it.. what the..!@#$?#!

So, back to the pictures issue, I’ve checked out several free sites but those pix on display are so un-inspiring and so boring. I see also no mood to blog already. Need to have this problem resolved somehow. Otherwise, my blogging interest will really fade out for sure. 

I was feeling a bit emotional this week, due to several reasons. First is the post world cup depression or withdrawal symptom, as some call it. Second it is because of the picture and story that I saw in FB about the dog that was left to die near Kelana Jaya area, after it was hit by a car. It truly pains me to see animal suffering and in pain, coz they are neither able to help themselves like we humans do and neither could they speak out.

“The world is dangerous to live in, not because of people who do evil but because people sit and let it happen.” – Albert Einstein

Eh.., wrong quote..., or maybe it's correct, I'm also confused. Wait, I go check and correct it later, if I find the right one.

Thirdly….. I can’t remember what it is, old already. I just know that I was very un-focused and unstable emotionally. Of course, having another world cup fan in the same house, who’s favorite 2 teams were knocked out in the round of 16 group didn’t help either. The only up-lifting thing that got us through is the Mamma Mia movie which we saw on Friday. We made my 2nd brother and his family watch the movie and they are now hooked and high on it too.. :-D

Oh yes, now I recall, he..he..  Thirdly it is because of the picture issue in the blog laa.. That sort of like became a hindrance to my blogging. When I felt like blogging, I became conscious about what picture to use, and when I couldn’t find a FREE pix that is to my liking, I kind of like drop the idea of posting something. So, there… these were the few items, I guess.

Blog name – carrot head and applemint 

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