Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Musings of a World Cup fan

To me, 2010 is a world cup where everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

This world cup was supposed to belong to the world class footballers such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Kaka, etc. Everyone expected to see beautiful football and fabulous goals coming from them. We are now only into the semi finals, yet, where are they?

Having such high hope and expectations from them at the initial stage, only to be let down, one time after another; it is extremely difficult for me to accept the fact that their involvement in this world cup is over, while the game is still ongoing. What is World Cup, without them.

I stumbled upon this site this week, which kind of like helped me come to terms with their early exit. Still heart broken, ok… Takes time to heal, coz they're my heroes. But at the same time, am discovering other fabulous players as well.

Use of technology in decision making

It so unbelievable that in this era of IT and modern technology, FIFA still insist on lines men and referees decision making during the game. More often than not, the minute a decision need to be made during the game, we audiences at home could immediately see the replay on our TV set, the actual scenario, with the line clearly indicating what should be the decision, while the referee consulted the lines man, who was like 40 meter away from where the incident took place.

What Hawk-Eye system and camera strategy are they talking about? Why can’t they just place 2-3 officials in front of a TV. If our TV could tell us the exact result within seconds, why can’t they just use this method? They can communicate with the referee via the cordless mike that we all see the referee carries around, right? Geez… talking about making simple things complicated…

Ok, so now they’re gonna re-look at introducing video technology to assist referees in July after the World Cup. Heck, but there’s no guarantee they’ll decide to proceed after that.

Octopus Paul

What is World Cup without the prediction phenomena? I just read about the octopus named Paul and his accurate prediction of Germany’s matches so far. 

English-born Paul (an octopus) rose to global fame after correctly predicting all four of Germany’s games in this year’s tournament. So we will see if he is going to be able to conclude this World Cup accurately. Click here for the video.

For tomorrow morning's match between Germany vs Spain, he's predicted Spain to win this time.. :-(

Ok, I'm gonna have octopus salad for lunch tmrw..

The famous handball

If the 2006 World Cup was well known for the “head butt”, this 2010 World Cup will probably be well known for the famous “handball” from Suarez of Uruguay, unless something else comes up from now till the end of the final. A header was blocked by Luis Suarez’s hand at the mouth of the goal post, and for that, he was immediately sent off after being given a red card. Click  here for the video.

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