Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend of feasting & exploring (P1)

Never had so much Penang food as the one we had last weekend. We were suddenly hit by this craving for everything Penang this recent trip, but only managed the following.

Feel free to click on any picture for a clearer view

First on the list, Penang "char o-chien" (fried oyster)  at the junction of Macalister Road & Lorong Selamat. Myyy... it's yuummyy....!! The coffee shop is called Yi Garden.

While we were attacking the fried oyster, there was a stall operator nearby frying “keropok” (crackers). It looked so delicious and fresh. As the pile gets higher, we got so tempted to nip 1-2 pieces on our way out. Eventually we gave in to our greed. ST "pretended" to ask the lady what keropok it is. To our surprise, not only did she tell us it’s fish keropok, she even asked us to try a piece or two. As if that’ not enough, she even offered to pack a small packet for us to take away FREE. 

This is the keropok, but this picture ended up tilting 90 degree anti clock wise, I dunno why. So tilt you head please.. :-D

Next stop, Restaurant Sin Kim San along Macalister Road.

                                    Penang char koay teow, sluurrrppp....!!!

                                    Har meen (prawn mee), best....!!!!

            Penang chee cheong fun, with fish paste, different from KL one..

On the way out of the restaurant, we walked past a seafood stall, with trays after trays of seafood on display.

Don’t ask me what this is, I dunno. But I do love the shapes in a bunch like this.. :-D

Bali toong. But what I'm trying to point out is... see the 3 fellas at the corner of the tray (top left) desperately trying to escape. Run, Forest, run…!!!

Oooops, met Paul again in Penang. This time many Pauls. Or rather, local Pauls, getting ready to be COOKED...

                                       (click pix for a much clearer view)

This looks so good. It has loads of vegies & potato. ST discovered this at the Juru R&R from Penang back to KL. It's one of my favorite Malay food.

Continue in Part II…

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