Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comfy cafe with delicous food

Had lunch with Christine, and she took me to a Seed Cafe nearby her office, operated by Padini Holdings, in their office building. Love the atmosphere and environment there.

See the bunny's ear sticking out at the side? That's Christine's... +____+

This is the rascal.. :-D

Her lunch - Tomyam mee hoon, yuumm....!!!

My lunch - Club Sandwich

Our appetizer - Scripewine Wings

The dessert which she insisted that I wallop - Durian Ice-Cream, and wallop I did.. :-D

Surrounding area.. some of the pix below is taken from here.

Don't ask me where is the exact location. It's good enough that I managed to locate her office. After that she took me round and round within the Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park area in Shah Alam until I also "kepala pusing". Check the map in the link provided above, if it helps at all.. :-D

Alternatively they have another outlet in Mid Valley, Ground Floor.

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