Monday, December 19, 2011

Hanging out with my Sri Aman gang

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One of our school mate came back from Belgium for the year end. So we had a little crazee gathering near our school, at Mary's karaoke joint.

What a great time we all had! Seems like everyone just let down their hair and party...................!!!

I was "asked" to sing whether I like it or not, regardless of whether I don't sing at all, or that I sing off key. No such excuses that night, unless you're sick. But I wasn't sick, I only had an exam the next day, which makes it even more reason to sing. So I had to choose a song.. -.-

Yup, just hold the mike and look like you are singing. Anything, as long as I am seen holding a mike with my mouth wide open. Not sure what I was singing to actually.. :-D

Aaaah... the in-between dancing started, love this part of it!

Then the goofing around....., crazee bunch we are, I tell ya..!!!

Yoke Mei brought back loads of good Belgium chocolates. I was practically resisting the urge to munch on every piece I see on the table.

By 10.30 pm, we had the whole karaoke joint all to ourselves...!!

Fabulous time we all had! Unfortunately I had to leave a little early that night, coz I have an exam the next day. This is the first time in my life, where I went partying the night before an exam. My mom will have a lot to say if she's around to witness this, you betcha!

You can check out some of the crazy things we did back in school here.


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