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The night the lights went out

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One night I was home alone. For some reason, Kota Kemuning is well known for it's continuous static lightning followed by explosive thunder whenever it pours. Well, most of the time.

That night was no different and having gotten used to it for the past 11 years of staying here, I paid no heed to it, except to calmly unplug my laptop from the power source when I notice a storm was brewing. The reason why I didn't feel bothered by it at all was because we have two emergency lights installed in the house. One upstairs and one downstairs. Why should I feel bothered by it, you may ask.

Well, that's because I am one person who is "TERRIFIED" of the dark. And why two emergency lights? So that if one is out of function, at least there's another back-up. I take no chances where this is concerned. And so far, for the past 11 years, it has never failed me.

Nope, it has not failed me at all, until this very night. On this night, when the power tripped, the entire house was thrown into total darkness. I was upstairs at the landing, working on my laptop when it happened.

The whole house was pitch black, all except my laptop. My heart froze, in fact, my entire body froze. If that wasn't bad enough, somehow, my handphone, which has a built-in torch light wasn't at its usual place nearby. When I turned around, I couldn't see a thing, I just stood there rooted to my position like as if I was cemented to the ground. Then, my knee wobbled, and I dropped down, curled up my knees to my chin and remained there like a child fearing for my life, for God knows how long. I just wasn't able to move. 

Using my internal will power, I forbade myself from tear-ing up (means cry) and getting hysterical. I know that at that moment, there was no point in losing control of myself. It would not help me in any way of getting some lights back on and that was just what I needed.

I am not too sure how long I was sitting on the floor, probably a few minutes, when I suddenly heard a little bell. Then I realized my furball Tabby was nearby and I quickly called out to her. She came and brushed her body against my leg. What a relief that was...!!! And so I quickly grabbed her and held her close to me. 

This is she

After several minutes, having calmed myself down, I was able to recall that my handphone was on my bedside table. By then my eyes had gotten accustomed to the darkness, and I was able to make out the silhoutte of the place, but the darkness felt overwhelming. 

While carrying Tabby with me, I slowly inch my way into the room (with a lot of difficulty, mind you). The darkness of the whole house felt like it was going to overcome me. Every step I took was with great effort. Finally I got to my phone, with my shaking hands, wobbly legs and my heart pounding like as if it was about to explode, I turned on the torch light and after a moment, called ST.

We do have a bigger torch light kept somewhere in the room, but in that moment of panic, everything in my mind just went out the window. He told me there is one in his bedside drawer. And thank God, when I ransacked it through, I found it with a working battery in it. But that wasn't the end of the story. The house was still in pitch black, and turning on the power wasn't going to solve the problem, coz the storm was still on-going, and further trips will happen only in a matter of time. 

The only way was for me to get downstairs, and locate a whole box of candles that I bought when we first moved it. I knew where it was kept, but the thought of me going downstairs in the darkness, scared the hell out of me..!!! In that darkness, all that I wanted to do was to stay there in the room with Tabby and the torch light, but the torch light was still not bright enough for me. The room looks dark, still and extremely threatening.

I had to compose myself, pick myself up and then slowly made my way down, one hand still grabbing on to Tabby for dear life and the other holding the torch light. When I found the candles, I couldn't find any matches and there was no lighter in the house. Out of panic, I turned on the stove burner to light a candle, grabbed a whole bunch of candles and this time, dashed my way back upstairs into the room.

I lit 5-6 candles in the room and stayed there till the lightning and thunder calmed. ST kept me company via sms. The next morning, I drove straight out and bought 2 lighters. And got the electrician to replace the 2 emergency lights (which had lasted for about 10 years).

Geeeez.... that was a "freaking frightening" night for me. Being in the dark, in my description is something like as if you are all ALONE in a pitch black forest, and it's not pleasant at all, believe me, it's not. Normal people would not understand how it feels.

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The next day, I found a few bruised and blue black spots on my legs. I must have knocked myself against the bed and table while groping in the dark the night before. 

I am not too sure why I fear the dark to this extreme. Up to this day, I have no clue whatsoever. If anyone of you out there can shed a light or two, it would be greatly appreciated, truly. I would understand if I am in a new or foreign place, and I fear the unknown, but this is my own home, for goodness sake.

Anyway, that was the night all the lights went out, including the 2 "emergency lights". Talk about Murphy's Law.... -.-

Trying my utmost not to remember what happened that night, let's get some laughter in a bit. Don't get me wrong, I am still terrified of the dark, but life still need to move on...

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Last but not least, here's a great one!

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