Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Year End Family Outing

Titi Eco-Farm Resort, Negeri Sembilan

Late breakfast at the coffee shop before heading out

The birthday girl. So happy that she got 3 copies of Archies and 2 copies of Beano comics.. -.-

We took the kampung road to enjoy the scenery. And we couldn't resist stopping by the road side for..........

Durians of course...!!! It's the durian season...!!!

Oh, we had our fill with the "really good" and cheap durians...!!!

Checking out the view from our balcony. We took 3 chalets in a row. Notice the lil' fella right at the back?

We can see a pond from our balcony..

Heading out to check out the place and the view

Check out that view....!!!

Click on any picture for a clearer view

Oh, how I love this chair that over looks the breathtaking hill view in front, flanked by this 2 lovely and beautiful trees...!!!

 Clearer view

 This picture is taken from the chair. Love the view, I tell ya!

Side view 

Playing ball in the vast field

Seems that the owner of the place lives in the house on the left. Man, what I would give for a view like this every morning when I wake up and look out of the house...!!

Getting comfortable on the green grass

Settling down and becoming one with nature

Healthy drink is available 24x7. Since it's boiled with their locally grown leaves, the drink is green in color, naturally.

Making rojak (salad) the healthy way using papaya, demonstrated by Elaine, the tour leader cum supervisor

Typical town boy, my nephew. Can't stand any insect settling down on his body.

Waalaa...!!! the rojak (salad) with all locally grown veggies. Even the sauce is made from natural stuffs.

Bubble blowing time!

Snacking again

Then we went out in the dark to view the stars in the clear sky at the field. 

Right after that, we waited eagerly for the board game to start.

This time round we have a new player, my eldest brother.. :-D

Day 2 - Tour of the eco farm and some education and knowledge about medicinal values of natural grown plants, by the supervisor Elaine 

Because it's eco farm, no pesticides are used at all. Hence, we can just pluck any leaves or plants and eat them right there and then. No washing required too.

See what I mean? 

Some finds it a bit too much for their stomach

But not everyone thinks so

Hello, whatcha looking at...?

This is the first time I see a live ostrich, and I think they're really BIG...!

 The mini hanging bridge

Some decided to get across, the adventurous way. The flying fox way..!!! 


Stranded in the middle of the river, can smile and pose some more. Not heavy enuf! Had to be pulled in by Elaine.

Others decided to play safe 

 Resting before lunch

However, before lunch starts, we have to fill ourselves up with abundance supplies of rambutans, mangoesteens, star fruits, etc, etc.. followed by ulam. They advise us to eat fruits and veggies first and allow it to digest a bit before   lunch. That is the correct way of eating. 

Seems like we've been eating non-stop the minute we arrive at the eco-farm.

2nd round of bubble blowing while waiting for lunch coz the lil' fella there insisted he wanted to play.

Someone feeling very adventurous & decided to use the biggest loop to create the biggest bubble. Wan't easy though..

 Decided to stick back to medium size loop

Eeerm.... this ain't lunch. Lunch was at the Titi Eco Farm. Very healthy and delicious!! Then upon reaching Klang Valley, we decided to swing by Cyberjaya, to a place called Saba Restaurant for the mutton beryani. Wanted so much to introduce the place to my family.

They love the mutton beryani there and the chicken pita was heavenly too!

Pheeewh....! What a fabulous trip! 


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