Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The mind is officially shut down for 2011

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I will be submitting my Strategic Management assignments tomorrow, 2 days ahead of the deadline.

So from tonight on-wards, my mind will officially shut down for 2011.

For shutting down these 6 days (Wed - Mon), I will have to pay the price in January, when the next module (Operations Management) starts. There will be classes on two weekends back to back (Sat & Sun) to catch up. That does not give us a lot of time to read and to work on the assignments plus exam, like previous modules.

In fact, after having gone through the calendar on my desk a moment ago, I foresee even more struggling and swearing at the end of the January month, that is some where near CNY. Hmmm..... not a very good thing, but hey, I don't care any more. I am just gonna let it be and go with the flow.. :P

So people, when you see me or bump into me in the street this few days, don't ask if I recognize you, and don't ask me to guess your age, ok, coz chances are, I won't be able to remember and I don't want to get whacked for guessing wrongly. Better still, don't ask me anything.. :-o

Doesn't matter if you're Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise or Chow Yuen Fatt. The mind won't be able to register. Hey, I thought MJ is dead, right?!?!

Because right now, my mind is in this mode.

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Meaning to say, it's at a complete resting mode laa, can or not?

Anyway, was browsing the internet for some pictures that are relaxing and soothing to the mind and found some of these fabulous scenes of water. Would love to share it with you here. 

Feel free to click on any picture for a CLEARER view. And I insist that you must! It makes a lot of difference. Enjoy!

Picture taken from here

Picture taken from here

This one is rather scary, but this place is quite famous for it's unique infinity pool design. It's at a resort called Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali - Indonesia.

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Picture taken from here


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