Sunday, December 4, 2011

2011 Dec School Holidays

Posing at the entrance of the Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating area.
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Trying out the skating shoes, after such a long absence

Warming up with picture taking before they start. In this pix is (left to right) CD Girl, The Destroyer and Tomato Head.

Wanna see how they look like in the skating ring in year 2008? Here they are..

 The Destroyer

The Destroyer and The CD Girl

Tomato Head, hanging on to the cone for dear life.. )))

Famished after the 3 hours of skating. Time to re-fuel! Lunch at Ichiban Ramen. Yuuuumm...!!!

Tomato Head ordered the kim-chee noodle. Looks good! Luckily I shared that with her. I had a bowl of rice with kim-chee and chicken. 

This is how mine looks like. Nice eh...?

Well, well, they certainly look like they are enjoying themselves. It's scrumdidillyumcious!

 Dinner at Chili's in Empire Shopping Gallery. Waiting for our table

Day 2, outing with my god mom at Subang Parade. What spectacular time we had! Taking a breather in the afternoon with coffee break.

Enjoying Marks & Spencer's digestive biscuits with dark chocolate, dipped into DOME's mocha latte with froggies or something, can't remember what they actually ordered. The name sounds a bit gross one.


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