Saturday, June 5, 2010

World Cup Talk

This WC talk is gonna be different from the rest. Why, becoz my interest in WC started only like 8 years ago, so my knowledge in the players and the actual skills are still very shallow.

So this chat forum is gonna be about... the hunks that will be playing this time round.. :-D

Today I'm gonna highlight about 5, those that I think are not too bad. Will add on later if I can spot more of them, so that at least we will have something to feast on during this WC (if we can see their face at all on the field la..).

Player No. 1 - Kaka from Brazil

Player No. 2 - Robin van Persie from Holland

Player No. 3 - Landon Donovan from UK

Player No. 4 - Fernando Torres from Spain

Player No. 5 - Steven Gerard from UK

Last but not least...

Eh, sorry... couldn't resist taking a pix with Zakumi & accidentally "ter-up load", the mascot from S. Africa, but never mind la..

Anyway, not bad, eh? Please be informed that some of those shots were taken at the studio. So don't be surprise, if you are not able to spot them on the field coz they may look different from the pix, LOL...!!!

5 more days to go.. woooooh...!!

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