Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Despite eating more than my normal portion & frequency this week (due to the WC thingy + school hol), I've not put on extra weight. I weighed myself this morning, it has remained the same (pheewh....). That's becoz I did 4x treadmill session this week, just to ensure there is some balance, in what comes in and what goes out.. :-D

I'm now planning my lunch menu for this week. Because some great matches are held at 7.30 pm, more often than not, we will be having our dinner at 6.30 or 7 pm. So this week, I'm gonna boil soup (twice this week) ABC soup and "lou wong gwa" (in Eng, I think it's called winter melon, which helps to reduce body internal fire due to late nights or insufficient sleep). World cup month mah..

So it will be rice, meat & vegies (in the soup). That's it. Let's hope hubby won't suggest adding on 2 extra dishes from outside, something he is most capable of doing.

ST wants to hit the pool this afternoon. Time to get some sun. I will be putting on my sun block, sun glass and hat and hit the deck chair at the pool with a book/magazine.. ;-)

Pix above was taken at Delifrance in KK. See my car out there? See it? Too far away?  

Here's a clearer one... he..he.. cheers!

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