Monday, June 21, 2010

Smart Anti-Ageing Tips & Practices

In my younger days, I used to walk to school (15 – 20 mins away, to and fro), play in the sun all the time (I love outdoor activities), walked to places (friend’s house, to nearby shops on errands, tuition classes, in and around Uni campus, etc) without any sun protection (not even a cap or umbrella).

My sun protection regime only started at the age of 35, can you believe it?

That’s becoz I have never had patience carrying an umbrella. No one told me about the damage the sun could do to my face (maybe someone did but it never bothered me then), and I never read any ladies’ magazine (they never interest me). I was a tomboy up till quite a late stage, you see, and like boys, whatever goes in the right ear, goes out the left ear.. :-D

It was only at around the age of 30 that my skin care specialist warned me about brown spots, and that also took me another 5 years to start the habit of using sun protection. The very thing that finally got me started was when I saw with my own eyes, the brown spots on my cheeks in my close-up pictures. I had spotless skin before that.

In my early career days, fruits, veggies or dairy food were never considered in my diet. My mom has passed on at that time. Hence, I ate becoz I had to eat.  I will just gobble down whatever that is available out there, without any concern of its nutrient content. And I hardly drink water.

Having gone thru all the above, I feel that “preventive health care” at the early stage is something which no one should ignore. I’m not talking about something very complicated here, don't worry. It’s just some practices, which you need to cultivate into habits, that’s all. An effective smart anti-ageing program basically involves 4 important & simple areas/points and they are :

1)      Healthy diet

2)      Exercise


Check out my next blog for a few pointers on the above four areas.

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