Monday, June 7, 2010

Can't travel? Do a mind travel..

The Trans Siberian Railway

Welcome to the greatest rail journey on earth!

Why greatest? Because it covers 9,000 km and crosses through 10 time zones, over 16 rivers and through 80 towns and cities.

The Trans Siberian Railway is a network of railways connecting Moscow and European Russia with the Russian Far East provinces, such as Mongolia, China and the Sea of Japan. It is the longest railway in the world. Today, the railway is part of the Eurasian Land Bridge.

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The Trans Siberian Railway is the name given to the 3 rail routes (The Trans Mongolian, The Trans Manchurian and The Trans Siberian) that traverse Siberia from Moscow.

The Trans Mongolian          - from Moscow to Beijing, China via Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
The Trans Manchurian        - travels through Siberia & Chinese Manchuria to Beijing
The Trans Siberian               - from Moscow to the Pacific terminal of Vladivostok

The train is now used by people of all origin, not so much for tourist. Actual tourists will share the train with Mongolian traders, Chinese students and Russian families, all going about their daily life. Travelling on this railway will truly be taking on what we call “going off the beaten track” challenge, as it will provide you with the real “people watching” experience. You will get to meet, talk and mingle with people from various cultural and political back ground.

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