Sunday, June 6, 2010

World Cup Buzzz

Seems like all the “good” players are pulling out of this WC one after another, due to injuries. 

So far, there’s been like 8 of them :
a)      Leo Ferdinand           - UK Captain
b)     Michael Ballack          - Germany
c)      Didier Drogba           - Ivory Coast
d)     Micheal Essien           - Ghana
e)      Mikel Obi                   - Nigerian Captain
f)       Andreas Pirlo             - Italy
g)     Arjen Robben            - Holland

I’m gonna miss watching Ballack & Drogba in action on the field.

WC opening ceremony is gonna be on Friday morning @ 2 am….?!?! Man, how to watch? Ok, I will not be contactable on the whole of Friday, sorry. Hope my boss won’t sack me after that.

If you’re wondering how is it that I seem to know so much about the above football players, actually I don’t. I got them all from a keen football follower since young. This is what I do. Whenever hubby sits in front of the TV catching sports news and up-date, he will starts to curse and grumble and talk to himself about who’s injured, who lost to who in which warm-up matches, who is ill prepared, etc, etc. That’s when I crouch quietly at the corner of the stair case and pick-up all this tips, and post them up here, like as if I’m a WC pro commentator and that I know so much. In actual fact, I don’t even know some of them, but this is how I “cari makan” la…LOL..!!!

And those hunks, that I’ve been highlighting in my blog? I actually obtained the name list from hubby (at knife point. uuh, I mean, butter knife ah…), googled them and found their pix lo, he..he..

Gotcha, didn’t I… ;-)

Anyway, I will continue to obtain the latest news from the pro himself and keep them up-dated in here. Stay tuned if you wish to have latest up-dates on WC, from a “slightly different” angle, *wink, wink*.

Today, I asked hubby if there’s any other hunks that he might have missed out. He was busy watching CNN news at that time. Out of pressure, he threw out this name to me, and quick as lightning, I went and googled for his pix. And here he is… Andreas Pirlo from Italy..



Like this he call handsome ah….? I think my cat Timon looks better than him. Bad hair day, I guess. Ok la, giving him the benefit of doubt, I went and googled some more, just to give him one more chance, and got this.

Much better, but still, I don’t think he made my list. Can't seem to shake off the 1st image. Will try to get more names from hubby in his sleep tonight, might have better luck.

4 more days to World Cup, yipppieeee………..!!!

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