Sunday, April 1, 2012

What's up, Doc?

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Ok, this is the story of our babysitting adventure. Me and Tomato Head...

The whole family met up for dinner that night in PJ and hung out at the house.

Dessert time. See what dessert can do to an extremely active and naughty boy...

 After dessert, back to being hyper active again on his bed.

Getting comfortable and acquainted with the "strict" cousin sister.

Later that night, after everyone left and went home, the parents put him to sleep, which was quite late becoz he was happy knowing that my niece and I are bunking in that night. The parents left for Hong Kong at 3.30 am.

Day 1

He got up and started asking for the daddy. When we told him daddy has gone to work, he started crying, for like 5 minutes. So I called the "pak pak" (the eldest uncle) to go and take a look at him. When he saw his pak pak, he signed to him "daddy" (meaning he wants his daddy). So comical. 

This is the sign for father
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When his pak pak "told" him the same story, he signed for the "mommy." Also gone to work.

This is the sign for mother
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Then he settled down in his baby bed, playing with his bolster, until we came and distracted him with my niece's sea lion toy.

Eventually he warmed up and we told him it's time for his teeth brushing session.

Then it was his favorite milk and cartoon time - Bananas in Pyjamas

My niece is good. She will always tell him in advance what he will be doing next such as, that at 8.30 am, he will have to get ready to go to "school" (which is actually his day care center). Between the two of us, she is the disciplinarian.. ;-)

However, going to "school" was the biggest challenge for him and for us. He never really liked going to the day care. He would rather follow me to work, he said. After much persuasion, it still didn't work. We gave him a sweet to hold in his hand, also didn't work. In the end my niece had to carry him into the room, with him kicking and crying.

At that moment, his good friend Carmen che che became the "bad che che". Well, that's what he called her - Che che huai tan..!! Further persuasion also didn't help with the situation. I was beginning to worry how we're gonna get his pampers and his clothes changed for "school". Until we told him that he can eat the sweet which he was still holding and melting in his hand.

After popping it in, he requested that only I can change his pampers. Panic, I tell ya!

But we didn't have any further problem after that. He allowed us to change his clothes, carry his bag out, got into the car, but of course, he insisted that he MUST sit next to me, not at the back, which is so far away from me (hope his daddy doesn't see this). So at the front he sat. When we reached the day care, he started crying again, asking to see his one and only favorite teacher - Teacher Lee. Then he quietly followed her in.

Freedom for us for that day, I drove the car back home and handed the car over to the Tomato Head for her driving practice. 

Driving my Nissan Latio Sports

I think she practiced for about an hour nearby the house, when it was time for her to drive us to Tropicana City Mall for lunch with May. After lunch, we headed back home to snooze, or rather, I snoozed.

Pick-up time. He was so excited he came bounding down the stair case screaming for us. 

That first evening, we had no problem bathing and feeding him. 

No problem with his reading session too. The stern "che che" made sure whatever the daddy says he needs to do, he does.

But a child's attention span is only so short, after about 5 minute, it's break time. I think all in all, we managed to get him to read for about 10 minutes, to recap what he learned at the day care for the day. Then he bounded off to the back, to ride on his bicycle. Well, good enough!

After the "heavy reading" session, it's back to his cartoon time and a little lollipop as reward.

Tricking him to bed was easy. We just lure him into the room with his favorite toys. He will play on the bed, and we slowly turn down the lighting. No big deal.

The next day, it was quite the same thing. We were quite pro by then.. :P

Anyway, that night Tomato Head passed me two very very special gift. She does seem to have great interest in handy craft, and she personally hand made these two items for me.

One is an A4 size writing pad, for me to write notes during classes.

Feel free to click on any picture for a clearer view

I love the tiny intricate details on the book.

And this is my early birthday gift from her. Truly precious to me... since I treasure books very much. It's a diary.

This one is hand binded and hand sewn

 My diary even have my chinese name on it....!!! Ain't it cool...!??!

 And each page is individually numbered too....!!

 Love the button on the diary...! It sparkles at certain angle..!

She can tell me that the shell was actually picked out from their dining table... +__+

Whatever it is, it is really and truly precious... :)))


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