Monday, April 9, 2012

New York, here we come..!!!

Picture taken from here

Trying my utmost here to sound positive.

Hmmm...... someone is extremely excited about NY. It's been one of his dreams to visit the place.

In my case, I just hope I'd be able to get through the 14 hours flight itself, and hope that nothing major is gonna happen onboard the plane, you know. Like the desperation to kick open the window and jump out in mid air after many hours of flying...

Picture taken from here

I am not too sure whether my fear of flying on the plane for more than 5 hour is due to the congested seat spacing or it is due to the fear of being in an enclosed area for too long, but the picture above clearly describe how and what I feel like doing after more than 5 hours.

Anyway, let's hope that I won't arrive in NY looking like this... :-D

Picture taken from here

Well, if I survive the flight there, I'm not too sure about the 19 hours flight back...!! You might find me landing here in this manner...

Picture taken from here


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