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Highlights of my US trip

The naked cowboy at NY Time Square

Highlight # 1
We were walking around Time Square when we spotted this "naked cowboy" offering to have his picture taken with anyone who wants one. Initially I thought it was just a picture with him, before I knew what happened, he had me up in his arms. Yeah, like that in the picture.. He can carry you and the best thing..? The second shot that he throws in for you allows you to hold his buttocks... :)))

ST was supposed to have my 2 shots taken, but after the first shot, he said there's something wrong with my handphone's camera, he couldn't seem to take any more picture.. !@#*$X%!....




Highlight # 2

We went to watch a theater musical - the longest running broadway show. That was superb! It's a very romantic story.

Picture taken from here

In my opinion, it has the most haunting songs and scenes, and those lovely romantic mesmerizing songs are still lingering in my mind..!! Those melodic and powerful operatic voice, that can have you transfix, and after that, hav you yearn to hear them again and again. This is truly an eternal classic.

For more views written about Phantom of the Opera, on why or how this show remains such a phenomenal success even after so long, click here.

Highlight # 3

This was magnifique..!!! A must watch if you happen to be anywhere near one. These (highlight item 2 & 3) are what I would call first class performances that no one should miss out.

Picture taken from here

Highlight # 4

The skyscrapers

Frankly speaking, I have never been a fan of skyscrapers, until the day I step into NY. I was amazed with the integration of the old and new buildings and whenever I walk out of our hotel, it never fails to keep me visually busy looking from streets to streets, buildings to buildings, taking in the breathtaking views of the city's skyline and the seamless array of buildings.

NY is divided into 5 districts boroughs, and they are Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Lower Manhattan is where the vast majority of sights are located. We stayed in mid town of Manhattan, at the Theater District and within a few minutes walk from Time Square.

 The new - The Empire State Tower
(Click on any picture for a clearer view)

The Chrysler building

And the old - The Flatiron building

Many of the old buildings in NY bears close resemblance to old European buildings because New York looked towards Europe for architectural inspiration from early on. The township grid planning and zoning system is extremely impressive too.

Highlight # 5

The neon signs and humongous billboard advertisements at Time Square
(This picture look more impressive when enlarged. To do that, just click on the pix)

The above picture is my all time favorite. Why? Because it has all the elements of NY in it - McD, broadway shows, and the famous NY yellow cab.. :-D

If you wish to see the humongous neon signs at night on video, click here. It's at the end of the blog.

Most people told me that I MUST shop when I'm in NY or Orlando. When we came home and I said I did not managed to buy anything in particular, people looked at me like as if I am from out of this world. I did not shop, however, I came back with some truly great and fond memories of the place, and to me the highlights of my trip are those listed above.. :-D


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