Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Greetings from New York!

 The Time Square

Touched down around 10 pm on Monday night in NY. Took a shuttle to the hotel, which is actually medium size tourist vans. Reached our hotel around 1 am.

I was up the whole 14 hours flight, because I wanted to immediately adjust to NY time. By the time we checked-in to our hotel, I was so dead tired, I did not bother to shower. I just changed and hit the sack. ST was dozing on and off onboard, so by the time we reached hotel, he was excited and hungry and wanted to walk out to nearby delis for his "lunch" coz at 1 am here, it was 1 pm in Malaysia.. -__-

Anyway, whatever he suggested, my mind was not paying attention, coz it only wanted the comfy bed.

New York - Day 1

Feel free to click on any picture for a clearer view

Checking out Pax Wholesome Food Deli for breakfast. I was the happiest person on earth when I walked in. 

 Fruits and cereals galore...!!!

Our breakfast

Time Square at night. The picture taken doesn't justify the enormosity (not sure if this is how it's spelt). So I decided to get ST to capture it on video.

It's freezing cold here. I'm wearing a thick sweater, winter jacket over it, gloves and thick socks, and it's still freezing cold, especially when the wind blows. It chills you to the bone.

Whenever I think of bathing, I shiver. But we love using their toilet bowl, coz it's heated up warmly so it's nice to sit on it.. :)))

Our hotel (bless these people) provides us with super fast FREE WiFi in the room. So I'm online at the same time going through jet lag. Therefore, don't be surprise to find lots of mistakes, grammar and typo errors, etc..

I wish I am able to describe New York, especially when we first step out of our hotel, but in my current jet lag mode, no appropriate words seem to be forthcoming. So, I guess you'll just have to wait till my mind is more in-synchronization with the time zone here and my body clock. Am I making sense here...? Uuh... never mind.. 

Ok, am hitting the sack now. It's 11.21 pm now and I need my beauty sleep.

I have up-dated some latest pictures in the Taiwan blog. Feel free to scroll down and re-visit the blog.


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