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Greetings & up-dates from Orlando

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Continuing from where I left off in NY....  For the first time in my life, I heard ST said, "Lari, lari....!" on the day he was packing to leave for Orlando. That had me laughing so hard on the floor, I tell ya!

He was still carrying his flu and cough from back home, and wasn't in his best of health. The extreme weather (in our opinion and his, for that matter) didn't really help with his recovery. Under normal circumstances, he is one person who just love the cold and loves visiting cold countries, to escape the scorching heat back in Malaysia.

The strong chilly wind in NY gave me "wind burn". In case you have not heard of this before, neither have I. It made my skin extremely dry and I started having red spots rashes, just on my legs & thighs, coz it was exposed to the wind that goes in thru the ankle. It was itchy like hell and for this trip (stupid of me), I didn't bring enough good body cream to apply. We were taking the unlimited hop-on, hop off double decker buses for our transport & sat at the top for the view.

Also, due to jet lag, everyday we were in NY for the first 3 days, both of us turned into zombies each time it hits 6 pm. By 6 pm, do not ask me questions or talk to me coz my eyes may be open but I might not respond. Besides that, having my cleaners calling me at 3 am in the morning for 2 consecutive days, didn't help either.. +__+

We had our schedule a bit screwed up due to the jet lag and almost missed a chance to view Manhattan Island from across - from Brooklyn. We bought their hop on and hop off ticket that was valid only for 48 hours. On the second day, we went and booked Phantom of the Opera. However, after we asked for leniency at their office nearby, we were given an extension, and thanks to these people, we were able to take the night loop, where the bus took us over to Brooklyn (the mainland) for a brief tour and back.

The Phantom of the Opera was maginificent...!!!

Over in Orlando, despite the fact that we're staying around the Disney area, having free shuttle to anyone of the Disney attractions, we didn't go into anyone of them. We were just hanging out at the Disney downtown market place, which, in our opinion, is happening enough. It's a huge place with plenty of attractions of it's own, without having to pay entrance fee, and needless to say, we also went to watch Cirque Du Soleil, which is just within walking distance from our hotel and at the end of the market place. The performance is by far one of the best we've ever seen, it's simply superb and mind blowing!

Walking to and fro the market place everyday is so pleasant and nice. The entire area is quiet and peaceful and we walked past 2 lakes each time. Each time we see a squirrel running past or foraging at a nearby grass, ST calls him/her Austin.. -__- and there are like plenty of squirrels running around here and ducks swimming and playing in the the lakes.

We'll be checking out of Holiday Inn this afternoon and checking-in to another hotel nearby, this time in within Universal Studio for our sales conference kick-off. The event starts this evening with the welcome speech and dinner.


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