Sunday, April 8, 2012

One night in Taipei

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Some quick up-dates from Taipei. The flight into Taipei was good! It was a wise choice that we chose to fly EVA Air coz they have this thing called the ELITE Class. It's something between the Biz Class & Econ Class. It has the biz class "leg room" but econ class service, which suit me just fine!

Upon reaching the hotel, we checked-in and took a taxi to Ximenting. What a place to be...!!! It's so happening here, despite being a Sunday night, and the place is HUGE..!!!

Am too tired to describe, will let some pictures do the talking.

Day 1

Below is the "stinky to-fu" which I wanted to introduce to ST this trip. But his nose picked up the stench before he even saw the source, and before I was able to call him to go near and pose a picture for me, he ran 100 km away... +__+

Our dinner. This is mine. Because of the close proximity to Japan, the food in Taipei is heavily influenced by Jap. We find plenty of ramen (the most) and also Korean food.

This is ST's bento set. Very Jap, right?

The weather is pleasant. When the wind blows, it's chilly. People here dresses rather fashionably, wearing their winter jackets.

The hotel provides FREE Wifi in the room. Not that fast, but I'm not complaining.. :-D

That's all for now folks! Will up-date when I have the time. Can't be hogging ST's pc for too long.

Day 2

Taipei 101

At the Taipei Taoyuan airport notice how Hello Kitty dominates the place.

 A huge check-in section for the kids.. I think.. +__+

Hello Kitty phone booths.. "beh tahan"

If you're flying to another country and wants to know the time there, you can refer to this place here... (picture below)

Up-dated on 4 May, 2012 
As if that's not enough, click here for a closer look inside a Hello Kitty's aircraft, the boarding pass and the food served inside. I came across this site while surfing.


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