Sunday, January 29, 2012

The lion welcomes the dragon

Pictures taken by yours truly
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We witnessed our full lion dance performance this year at my favorite coffee hangout in Bread Basket Bakery (BBB) this morning.

Under normal circumstances, we will be at the Kota Permai Club House for the lion dance, but today being a Sunday, we decided to go for BBB's because theirs starts 1 hour later. 

We went expecting a simple blessing performance for their business but was surprised to see that it came complete with some stunts.

Upon seeing the people gathering around it and the set up outside, naturally I got extremely excited and was urging ST to hurry in parking the car. We parked opposite the shop and had to cross a small patch of grass to get across. While parking, ST reminded me to be careful because knowing how clumsy I am, he could foresee in his mind, the picture of me running across in my excitement, and....... tripping. 

Tripping is not the main issue here, because that is a known fact and a common thing that is part of me wherever I go. His main concern was that  I might just knock one of the columns (which has been carefully set up for the stunts that's about to start in a few minutes) and cause a domino effect to the rest.. -.-

See what I mean? These are not joss ticks, ok.. These are for the stunt performance. But as you can see from the picture, his worry was uncalled for, as they seem to be well secured.. :-D

Wanna see exactly how long was the "hoong phau" (firecrackers)...? Here it is.

Bowing and paying respect to the owners before starting

The first strip of firecrackers were set off for the opening act. My heart nearly jumped out of my mouth, and I almost went deaf coz I was standing quite near to it when it went off.

ST enjoying the performance under the comfort of the shade

And... the stunts begin...

The first lion jumps...

Picking up the mandarin oranges and throwing them into the crowd as their way of spreading the prosperity and wealth. I got two of them....!!!

Lighting the dynamite... 

See how clear the entire area has become all of a sudden... :-D

Here's wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Chai & Xin Nian Kwai Lek..!!!

As a treat to all the invited guests, we were provided with buffet lunch, complimentary coffee (just for me) and "angpows" for the kids... :-D


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  1. Thanks for coming and do hope you enjoy the performance n meal. On bhf of BBB's mgmt


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